✨Llegó un nuevo mes ¡Que emoción!

Hace unos días celebré un año mas de vida, y mi esposo me regalo un pequeño diario de gratitud, que me encantará compartir con ustedes ¿que dicen?Llevo una semana dedicando unos minutos al día para agradecer y es importante ver como un acto tan pequeño puede cambiar tu día a día.

Tenemos muchas oportunidades y espacio para poder documentar la alegría, asi que tomar ese momento especial para documentar, apreciar y agradecer por esos momentos nos ayudan a ver las cosas desde una nueva perspectiva.


✨A new month has arrived What a thrill!

A few days ago I celebrated one more year of life, and my husband gave me a small gratitude journal, which I will love to share with you, what do you say?I have spent a week dedicating a few minutes a day to give thanks and it is important to see how such a small act can change your day to day.Theirs is plenty of space to record joyful, everyday experiences. And there are opportunities to look closely at things that are essential to you.

Take a quick moment to record them, appreciated them and give thanks for them. Gives you a new perspective of life.

There is great richness in your daily life, just as it is, waiting for you to celebrate it. 💕✨🙌

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